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Save the World!

Target L1 (2) (1)

Step 1: Tell the World

  • Have students explore Slide 17 of their Student Editions.
  • Check out Ways to Watch Your Ideas Spread and decide which way or ways are right for you.
  • Put your plan into action! Share student commercials and start monitoring their reach.
  • Teacher TipTo promote cooperation, don’t share individual video views or shares. Instead, find the TOTAL number of views or shares from ALL your class’s commercials, and share those with your students, your school, and your community!

Step 2: Thank You!

  • Have students explore Slide 18 of their Student Editions.
  • Thank students for their diligent and creative work. Point out several examples of curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking that you saw during the project.
  • Consider having a V-day party to celebrate Vaccination. Bring in foods that start with V, like vanilla ice cream or a vegetable tray. Are you teaching remotely? Make it a VV-day and do a Virtual Vaccination celebration to celebrate the impact your class is having on the world!
  • Share the news about your awesome work with the world! Check out the VacciNation Press Release and the Blue Apple Press Release Tips on how to publicize your students' incredible work!

Step 3: Reflect on Learning

Have students reflect on learning by responding to the following prompts in the Reflection Journal, using a video platform or in the Lesson 5 Google Form (Questions about Forms? Check out the tutorial video.)

  • How would you like to monitor the impact of your video, and of your classmates videos?
  • Is there anyone in specific you would like to share your video with? If so, who?
  • Blue Apple would love to help share your commercials. Let your teacher know if you have any creative ways we could help!

Content Connections

  • You can use this project as a springboard for teaching any content you’d like.
  • Check out some Blue Apple content connection ideas for grades 3-8 for the entire VacciNation project!

Collaboration Options

  • Do you have comments? Ideas? Additional resources that others might find handy? Email your Project Coach! (Haven’t gotten a Project Coach yet? Contact us at
  • Would you like to connect with another teacher doing this project? Email your Project Coach to be connected with another educator doing VacciNation.

Awesome…it’s what you do!!!

Please let us know how this project went and how we can improve it for the next teacher. Thank you for being a Blue Apple teacher!

Want More?

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Share this resource so students in other classrooms can benefit as well!

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