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Science Literacy in the Digital Age: Navigating Informational Texts and Online Resources | K-8

Wed., July 17  | 4:00 pm EDT | 30 mins

In today’s digital era, fostering science literacy requires navigating a vast landscape of informational texts and online resources. Join us for an enlightening webinar where we will explore strategies to cultivate science literacy in students amidst the abundance of digital information. Along the way, discover methods to critically evaluate digital information, interpret scientific data, and foster inquiry-based learning using digital tools. Discover practical approaches to integrating digital resources into science instruction and empowering students to become refined consumers of scientific information in today’s fast paced world.

Shaping School Culture: Powerful Strategies to Build Connections and Community in Your School | K-12 Administrators

Wed., Aug 14  | 4:00 pm EDT | 30 mins

Culture is everything. When you build a school culture that champions critical thinking, mutual respect, and a genuine love of learning, you lay the foundation for students to succeed academically and personally. Join us for this webinar to discover proven, actionable strategies to cultivate meaningful connections among staff, students, and the wider community. Explore how to overcome common challenges in building community, and leave with tools to craft a school culture that everyone wants to be a part of.

Crafting Connections: 4 Ways to Use Crafts to Drive Deeper Learning | K-12

Wed., Aug 21  | 4:00 pm EDT | 30 mins

Crafts and engineering challenges can captivate students and spark creativity… but there’s so much more they can achieve! Join this practical, engaging webinar to uncover 4 simple strategies to transform ordinary crafts into extraordinary learning experiences. Learn practical techniques to make these lessons even more memorable, meaningful, and FUN!

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Building Relationships

Equity has always been at the heart of education; the pandemic threw in stark relief equity’s critical importance. In this on-demand webinar, we’ll explore teacher-tested tips to help make your classroom a more just and equitable place.  View webinar.

You can never predict some of the conversations that you find yourself in as a teacher, and not all of them are pleasant. What do you say when a sensitive current event knocks your lesson off course? Or when you know a student is facing unimaginable challenges at home? Or when tragedy rocks your classroom? You don’t know when these conversations might pop up, but they most assuredly will. Join Dawn for practical tips and resources to help you feel calm, confident, and helpful in tacking tough conversations.  View webinar.

Collaboration and Communication

In order to tackle the world’s biggest prolems, our students must learn to be masterful collaborators. View this free, fast-paced exploration of strategies designed to develop collaboration skills while engaging in meaningful, memorable projects.  View webinar.

Teachers know all about the benefits of cooperation and collaboration. But there are so many concerns and potential pitfalls! In this session, explore the merits of cooperative learning and how to effectively develop and institute norms and routines for effective collaboration in any learning environment. Join Dawn for a fun, fast-paced look at practical solutions for your most pressing collaboration issues.  View webinar.

Creative and Critical Thinking

Do you struggle to get students to think deeply—like really deeply—about the texts they are reading? Are they satisfied with answering basic recall questions, but struggle to offer careful analysis, make connections, or apply what they learn to a larger context? Do you want to challenge your students to think more deeply than ever before and build those critical thinking skills that will serve them well in the future? If so, join us for this fast-paced, practical webinar with classroom-proven tips for infusing critical thinking throughout your ELA and Social Studies instruction!  View webinar.

Is it challenging to get your students excited about learning math? Are you looking for a more inquiry-driven approach to teaching science? Are you searching for practical ways to encourage your students to explore, question, interpret, and employ creativity in both math and science? If so, check out this fast-paced on-demand webinar infused with strategies that will get your students excited about all the creative ways they can work with numbers and concepts in both math and science. View webinar.

You know it’s true: your kids are WEIRD. It can create headaches, sure – but student strangeness can also be a powerful ally in cultivating a curious, creative classroom culture. Discover practical tips and resources for how YOU can leverage the weirdness in your classroom in wild and wonderful ways! View webinar.

Differentiated Instruction

Albert Einstein once said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid.” But too often, our educational system tries to make very different learners conform to a one-size-fits-all mold. Join us for this free, fast-paced webinar to help level up your differentiation game. Explore the three research-backed ways to differentiate your instruction so that every single student can thrive.  View webinar.

Every student has unique needs. But how can teachers find the time to meet diverse learners where they are, and take them where they’re capable of going? Join Ben for a look at practical, teacher-tested tips on how to achieve REAL differentiation in a straightforward, achievable way.  View webinar.

Students have unique personalities and diverse needs – but you’re just one teacher! In this practical and powerful webinar, you’ll learn three simple strategies you can use to help ALL students grow, without demanding too much of your time. View Video


As Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT revolutionize industries from agriculture to zoology, educators must adapt to stay ahead. In a free webinar, discover 5 practical and teacher-tested ideas that will enhance your instruction, make your life easier, and unlock your students’ full potential. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve! View webinar.

Looking for ways to make learning engaging, meaningful, and fun in a remote setting? Join us for a fast-paced webinar, where we share strategies, resources, and a relevant PBL experience, Prevent the Spread, modified for distance learning. View webinar.

If it’s on the internet, it must be true, right? With information swirling around us 24/7, it’s more important than ever that we teach our students how to be sensible consumers of information. They need simple, easy-to-apply strategies to carefully evaluate information so they aren’t easily swayed or misled, but rather, are ambassadors of informational literacy. View webinar.

Looking for ways to keep your students engaged in distance learning? Worried your students may not fully participate or show up at all? Join us for an on-demand, fast-paced webinar where we share strategies, resources, and examples of how to engage students in distance learning.  View Now

Gone are the days of dry lectures and hefty textbooks. With constantly evolving technology, educators have access to an ever-expanding array of digital tools and apps designed to create engaging learning experiences. But knowing where to begin can be overwhelming! Join us as we unveil 5 standout Edtech tools from the 23-24 school year that will transform your classroom into an environment that is interactive, inclusive, and full of innovation. Embrace the future of teaching and create a lasting impact on your students’ educational journey.  View webinar.

Lesson planning is vital. A well-prepared teacher is less stressed and more effective. But having to plan for social distanced classrooms, online lessons, hybrid instruction, or all of the above can be daunting! Join Dawn for a fun, fast-paced look at how teachers are making the most of their planning time for these most unusual school days.  View webinar.

Virtual school is here for at least the next few months, and teachers have been expected to transition practically overnight! Join us for this free, fast-paced walkthrough of tips and tricks to crush virtual school. From hyperdocs to citizen science, we’ll share hi-tech, low-tech, and no-tech best practices that will set you up for success. View webinar.


We learn through play. But traditional lessons can be dry, sterile, and boring. In this fast-paced and engaging webinar, discover a plethora of practical, powerful ways you can inject the power of play into your classroom to help your students learn in a way that’s memorable, meaningful, and FUN! View Webinar

Although there have been strides to reduce the STEM gender gap over the last 50 years, progress has been slow, with women making up only 28% of the STEM workforce. Recent career assessments have found that female students’ aptitude for STEM careers is remarkably higher than their interest in these fields. How do we boost their interest to mirror their aptitude? Join us for this fast-paced and practical webinar as we share powerful strategies to inspire and empower our future female scientists, engineers, and mathematicians of all ages.  View webinar.

If your students are never bored and your class is always perfectly well-behaved, this webinar might not be for you. But, everyone else will find practical, teacher-tested tips for how YOU can use high-powered engagement strategies to battle boredom and banish behavioral problems. Discover creative solutions for classic classroom struggles, and walk away with ideas you can put into practice right away! View webinar.

We have been through a few tough years and there is no doubt that we are ready for a positive change. Join Jamie to learn practical and engaging strategies that will reignite your excitement for teaching while fostering your students’ love of learning! Grade Level: K-12.  View webinar.

Play can be a powerful teacher. But how can busy teachers build playful learning experiences that really promote student understanding? Join Ben for simple, practical tips on how to hit those standards in a way that’s both engaging and enriching! View webinar.

This year has been trying in so many ways. You have almost made it to the finish line! But, how can you keep your students engaged while not burning out at the last lap? In this session, we’ll explore strategies to engage, motivate, and inspire your students to the very last day. Join Dawn for a fun, fast-paced look at ways to make this the best ever end to your school year.  View webinar.

Feedback and Assessment

Sometimes we forget that our goal is not to teach the lesson, but for the students to actually learn the lesson. So assessing what students know and are able to do is key to our success, but who wants another dry (at best) or meaningless (at worst) multiple-choice test? In this fast-paced webinar, we’ll share multiple ideas for assessing learning so you get the information you need, avoid inducing undue anxiety, and actually enrich student learning in the process!  View webinar.

If we want our students to learn and grow, we need to provide them with consistent and effective feedback. But how can we be consistent in a world that turns upside down every other week? How can we guide our students wisely when we’re struggling to adapt to strange new learning environments? Join Jamie for a fun, fast-paced look at practical solutions to your most pressing problems!  View webinar.

Teachers provide feedback constantly. But is that feedback effective? Can students take action and make improvements? In this webinar, we address those questions and share ideas and strategies to help you provide timely and actionable feedback to your students. View webinar.

Are you looking to incorporate strategies into your classroom that provide students with effective and meaningful feedback? Join us as we explore simple strategies designed to enhance student learning in your classroom.  View webinar.

This school year has thrown us its share of curveballs, yet we still need to be confident that we’ve equipped our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful once they leave our classroom for the year. In this fast-paced on-demand webinar, we share ideas for multiple ways to assess what students know and are able to do so you can round out 20-21 knowing your students are ready to tackle whatever 21-22 might bring.  View webinar.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Engineering can feel like a separate unit or idea you have to teach. But did you know engineering can help you engage your students, differentiate instruction, and nurture social and emotional skills…all while integrating seamlessly into your current instruction? Be ready to think creatively and critically about engineering in your classroom and leave with strategies and resources to help you fit more engineering into your curriculum. View webinar.

Inquiry-driven learning is a powerful and engaging way to inspire a love of math in our students. But sometimes, finding the right resources to facilitate this type of learning can be challenging. Join Jamie as she shares practical strategies and free resources while walking you through how to use them in ways that will get your students excited about math — all while building their confidence to tackle problem-solving in ways that are memorable, meaningful, and fun! For grades K-12. View webinar.

With all the attention focused on math and ELA, science can sometimes get the short stick. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We want our students to leave our classrooms with the skills to be able to think creatively and critically; to become our next generation of problem solvers. And science will do just that! Join us in this fast-paced webinar, where we share 5 practical ways to make room for science and have your students begging for more! View webinar.

After a long winter, students yearn to be outside. Embrace that feeling and unlock the potential of the great outdoors as your ultimate science classroom! Join us for a 30-minute webinar to explore innovative ways of incorporating nature into your science lessons. From the rustling leaves to the dance of the pollinators, this session will delve into strategies for utilizing outdoor environments to captivate young minds and deepen scientific understanding. You will leave this webinar with practical ideas and resources to seamlessly integrate outdoor education into your science curriculum! Join us in embracing the natural world as a dynamic extension of your classroom and inspire your scientific explorers! View webinar.

Project-Based Learning

“When are we ever going to use this?” With well-crafted PBL experiences, you can show students how they’ll be using their learning right here and now to make the world a better place. View webinar.

If we treat content areas as silos, we’ll never find time for authentic learning. Discover how to create experiences that connect across content areas, increase student engagement, and develop critical and creative thinking skills.  View webinar.

Do you want to create memorable, meaningful experiences that give an authentic context for learning, but can’t find the time? Join us for this informative, fast-paced webinar to discover how to implement project-based learning with cross-curricular content, collaboration options, and real-world connections. Explore specific PBL units that are engaging and relevant and align these projects to your current content needs. Come ready to be that teacher students will never forget. Leave with lesson-by-lesson project ideas to make it happen.  View webinar.

Project-based learning is an incredible opportunity for students to engage in authentic, relevant, and “Ellen-worthy” experiences. But how do you manage it? Find out in this fast-paced, and practical on-demand webinar on how to PBL like a boss!  View Now

Do you want to create learning experiences that engage your students in making the world a better place? Join us for this free, fast-paced exploration of ideas and strategies to turn your lessons into authentic learning experiences.  View webinar.

Project-Based Learning can be a highly effective way to engage students in cross-curricular instruction, while also making a difference in their school, community, and beyond. But, how do we create assessment that is meaningful and useful to our students?  View webinar.

Authentic projects not only engage students, but also provide opportunities to naturally differentiate instruction so all students learn. Join us for this free, fast-paced exploration of differentiating instruction through meaningful, memorable projects.  View webinar.

Teachers around the country are eager to incorporate project-based learning into their classrooms. But how can you create a culture that fosters PBL success? Check out this free webinar for simple tips and tricks on creating a classroom culture where PBL can thrive, and get ready to launch your students on an incredible, authentic learning adventures!  View webinar.

If we treat content areas as silos, we’ll never find time for authentic learning. Discover how to create experiences that connect across content areas, increase student engagement, and develop critical and creative thinking skills.  View webinar.

Do you want to engage your students in deeper and more authentic learning? Join us for this free, fast-paced exploration of ideas and strategies on incorporating project-based learning into your classroom.  View webinar.

We all know the importance of making student learning relevant. We all want our students to work with authentic audiences. But how in the world can a busy teacher manage to make it happen? What tips and tricks can make real-world connections more memorable and meaningful? What resources are the most effective at promoting authentic learning?  View webinar.

Risk Taking and Perseverance

Today’s students are facing more adversity than any generation in recent memory. In a challenging world, grit and perseverance grow ever more important. But how can we develop a growth mindset in our students in a world filled with trauma? Join Ben for a fascinating dive into research-based and teacher-tested techniques for cultivating a passionately positive attitude in YOUR students! View webinar.

Students will soon walk through your doors brimming with energy after summer vacation; some will be excited to use that energy to overcome the challenges of a new school year and others… will not. What can educators do to boost student motivation and a growth mindset? Find out in this webinar where you’ll learn practical strategies to kick-start a classroom culture of perseverance by equipping your students with the tools they need to tackle the school year with a “can do” attitude. Don’t miss your chance to discover the key to igniting resilience in your students! View webinar.

Social Emotional Learning

Addressing the SEL needs of our students is critical in today’s classrooms. But where do you start? Finding the appropriate resources can be challenging and time-consuming. Join Jamie as she shares free resources that address SEL in engaging and meaningful ways. We will walk through how to access and use these resources in your classroom so that you can get started or continue this powerful work right away!  View webinar.

Use robots to teach responsible decision-making? Absolutely! From DNA to SEL, join us as we share lessons, strategies, and resources that not only engage students’ curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking, but also provide a vehicle to seamlessly integrate social-emotional learning. Leave with practical ways to make powerful science lessons that captivate your future scientists and also cultivate those SEL skills that are essential for success beyond the classroom.  View webinar.

The 2020-2021 school year is ushering in a level of teacher and student stress like no other. Students will need well-developed social and emotional skills to successfully navigate not only these uncertain times, but also future relationships and challenges in college, career, and beyond. So, how do we explicitly develop these skills within our students? How do we do so in an in-classroom, distance, or blended environment? In this session, discover teacher-tested strategies to meaningfully improve SEL skills in conjunction with your content-area instruction. Leave with practical ideas for equipping students with the skills you know will matter well into their futures.  View webinar.

How do you close out the most stressful school year on record? By focusing on the social-emotional needs and mental wellness of yourself and your students. Join us as we explore 5 CASEL-aligned mini-lessons and you can do with students to round out the school year with a focus on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.  View webinar.

As educators, we recognize that student success in the classroom, and in the world, goes well beyond teaching within the content areas. A truly successful student has well developed social and emotional skills. So, how do we help develop these skills within our students? Find out how in Social and Emotional Learning: How to Foster these Skills in Your Classroom!  View webinar.

Student Ownership

When students take ownership of their learning, your classroom thrives. But how can we give kids control without letting things run off the rails? In this fun, fast-paced webinar, Ben explores 7 top hacks to help you create an effective student-driven classroom. View webinar.

Energize your classroom with research-based and teacher-tested strategies to help your students take ownership of their learning! Join us for this fast-paced on-demand webinar where we will explore innovative ways to help amplify student voice in any learning environment. View webinar.

Are you looking to develop a classroom culture that promotes choice? Do you want to give students more voice and choice in learning, but don’t want to lose control of your classroom? Join us for this free, fast-paced exploration of strategies designed to nurture student ownership without diminishing teacher leadership.  View webinar.

Work-Life Balance

It’s one of the biggest problems in education: teachers have too much to do, and too little time. But is there really any way to address this challenge, or is it something teachers will always struggle with? Join Ben for practical tips that will help you liberate a little time in your busy life! View webinar.

If you feel like this year has been more stressful, more overwhelming, and more difficult to find the joy of teaching than ever before, you’re not alone! With pandemic protocols, political unrest, and increasing workloads and responsibilities ravishing the classroom, the heart of teaching can at times feel lost. Let’s change that! Let’s put those things that are out of your control aside, and let’s focus on what brought you into the profession in the first place. Join us as we share meaningful and practical ways to survive this difficult year and re-discover your love for the greatest profession in the world! View webinar.

Looking for ways to keep the new school year excitement all year long? Worried about sacrificing teaching passion for burnout? Join us for a free, fast-paced webinar where we share strategies, resources, and examples of how to keep the enthusiasm and excitement for teaching all year while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.. View webinar.

Teachers, you did it! You’ve just pushed through and conquered one of the most difficult school years we’ve ever experienced. You’re stressed, you’re tired, and everything feels surreal. How can you recover, recharge, and reconnect in ways that allow you to return to the best version of yourself so you can come back strong in the fall? Join Jamie as she explores the 5 most important things YOU can do to give yourself the grace to step back, take a deep breath, and restore your passion for teaching.  View webinar.

This has been a year to remember. Through it all, you showed the world strength, resilience, and that ever-burning passion you have for your students by showing up and making the most out of each and every day. Let’s take a look back at the lessons learned from teachers across the country. And in the process, let’s celebrate YOU—and the challenges you have overcome. Because guess what? You made it, and the world is a little better because of the lessons you taught all of us about pushing through with passion, perseverance, and purpose.  View webinar.

As the school year winds down, take a moment to reflect, rejuvenate, and recharge. This session will guide you through five practical strategies to revitalize your teaching spirit and personal well-being. AND we have five teacher giveaways, each sure to bring joy and inspiration back into your classroom. Don’t miss out on this uplifting experience designed to applaud and inspire educators like you!  View webinar.

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