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Pandemic Pricing: Save $65

These are challenging times, and we want to help! For the remainder of the 2020-21 school year, save over 50% off the list price of each project. Buy for this school year and use for years to come!

Resources to support K–12 school administrators as they lead in today’s challenging educational climate.

VAI Admin Guides

It’s clear that having a good plan—particularly for something as important and complex as school improvement—is essential. Seven Tips for Successful School Improvement Planning…2021-Style will help you put together a comprehensive school improvement plan. Download guide.

We’re in the midst of a new school year, and we’re expected to lead as if this is a new normal—to pursue the typical expectations for educational outcomes, when times are all but normal. Seven Tips for Leading Through a Pandemic will help you support your teachers so they feel confident and prepared as they teach through a pandemic.

 Download guide.

You have finished a school year like no other. You have led your school and district through one of the most challenging times we have faced in education. And now you are preparing for a new school year under very different and uncertain conditions. Eight Tips for Supporting Teachers will help you support your teachers so they feel prepared, confident, even excited for authentic learning in a fully digital or blended environment. Download guide.

Administrator Summits

Watch the video for 5 Ways Schools Can Overcome Learning Loss to explore ideas, resources, and tools to successfully overcome the COVID learning loss in your school. We address such things as: 
  • How can I use ESSER funding? 
  • How can I incorporate SEL as integral, not additional? 
  • How can I prepare teachers to successfully close gaps in 2022?
Explore these questions and more in this informative and practical on-demand summit for school and district leaders. Access Video.

On-Demand Webinars

You’re planning for a school year like no other. And it’s fraught with real concerns for the safety of your students and staff. But you also want teaching and learning to be a priority. So how can you help your teachers deliver their best instruction knowing that a fully remote or blended environment is highly likely? In this fast-paced webinar, we’ll give you tangible tips for providing teachers with practical support and understanding to meet the challenges of distance learning.  View Now

Each Blue Apple Project Includes: