Industry Partners

Not sure what classrooms will look like in the fall?

No one does! Blue Apple Projects and Flex PD can be offered in person, virtually, or as blended solutions.

Industry and Education—Working Together

These individuals and organizations have graciously offered up videos, documents, contact information, and more to Blue Apple teachers to help bridge the gap between classroom instruction and real-world industries. Thank you to these industry partners for being part of Blue Apple! 

Each Blue Apple Project Includes:

  • Engaging lessons designed to make learning memorable, meaningful, and fun
  • PBL Supports such as: real-world connections, collaboration options, cross-curricular content, and just-in-time professional development
  • Time-saving links to dozens of curated online resources
  • Kit of supplies that bring your project to life
  • Access to a Project Coach to ask questions and share ideas... you're never alone!