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Blue Apple Projects

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Discover Flex PD!

A comprehensive yet affordable PD model that promotes tangible shifts in practice and is robustly supported by research and teachers. Customize your PD plan with your choice of workshops, sessions, and coaching.  Build the plan that meets YOUR needs!

Immersive Workshops

These engaging, in-person workshops allow teachers to immerse themselves in the content, develop a trust and rapport with the facilitator, and create personalized action plans.

Learning Sessions

In-person or virtual learning sessions can be conducted before or after school to support continuous professional growth and offer opportunity for teacher voice and choice.

Ongoing Coaching

Teachers have ongoing access to instructional coaches for lesson planning, problem-solving, and personalized strategic growth planning.

Our Flex PD will change the way you approach your professional development needs!

For Teachers:

For Administrators:

Our 3-Step Process to Ensure Success


Conduct a complete needs analysis to define your PD goals.


Create a customized PD plan with learning objectives.


Implement PD plans and evaluate the results.

Create your own path!

Every PD plan is built on building or district-level needs. Here are some of our most popular professional development paths…

Focus: Inquiry-based Science and Engineering

Focus: Project-based Learning (PBL)

Blue Apple Projects: 2 PBL units per teacher

Check out a couple of our Flex PD Success Stories: 

Let us help you write YOUR success story. 
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“Blue Apple PD was actually fun! Training was led by professionals and experienced teachers. Experiencing PBL first-hand was inspiring, and really got me excited to create memorable learning experiences with my students.”

—5th Grade Teacher