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Each topic offers a series of 15-minute mini-lessons designed to boost curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Do one or do them all! These no-prep lessons are ready to go and can be done in virtual or in-person environments.

Celebrating Black History Month

In Celebrating Black History Month, students learn about the impact of Black Americans on our history. They develop problem-solving and collaboration by analyzing American Black History and the fight for fairness and equality! Download lessons.

In Cheers to the New Year, students will learn that a  new year can be a chance for new goals, new dreams, and new accomplishments. Help your class get the year off to an incredible start with 4 fun, 15-minute activities that will make your classroom a smarter, kinder place! Download lessons.

In Classroom Community, students learn to develop solid relationships, create rapport and trust, and value the contributions of one another. Build the classroom you have always dreamed of! Download lessons.

In Earth Day Explorers, students explore the wonders of our planet and how to preserve it…just in time for Earth Day! Download lessons.

We learn so much through play. In Games, Games, Games, students  celebrate the madness of March with three thrilling games your students will love to play — and that you’ll love to let them! Download lessons.

In Happier Holidays, students celebrate the holiday season with activities to engage their creativity and critical thinking! Download lessons.

In Information Nation, students learn how to find reliable and trustworthy sources of information to become information literacy leaders! Download lessons.

It’s important to connect our classrooms with what’s going on in the broader world. In Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we help teachers honor her life and her legacy. Download lessons.

Elections can be stressful for teachers. Tensions can run high. Debates become emotional. Everyone has strong opinions, and discussions often devolve into arguments. In Respectful Debate, we teach students how to debate respectfully, to stand up for what they believe in, and to disagree without being disagreeable.  Download lessons. 

The leaves are falling. A chill is in the air. What better time for a little spookiness—and what better way to be spooky than with some creative STEAM challenges? In Spooktacular STEAM, your class can explore five fun, free lessons to make your month memorable, meaningful, and FUN!  Download lessons. 

It’s the end of the year and you’ve almost made it to the finish line! How can you keep your students engaged while not burning out at the last lap? In The AMAYzing Outdoors, your students can explore a variety of hands-on, inquiry-oriented activities that will allow students to explore and discover the learning possible in the great outdoors.  Download lessons. 

Explore a variety of hands-on, inquiry-oriented activities that sharpen students’ creative and critical thinking skills while helping them explore exactly why winter is coming. In The Reason for the Seasons, we teach students how the Earth’s tilt and orbit around the sun influences seasonal differences.  Download lessons. 

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect and be grateful, but it can also be a time filled with curiosity and wonder. Help your students level up their creative and critical thinking skills with 4 fun, 15-minute activities to make your Thanksgiving thinktastic! Download lessons. 

Each Blue Apple Project Includes: