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Level Up

Target L1 (2) (1)

Step 1: Prepare for Feedback

  • Have students explore Slide 14 of their Student Editions.
  • Explain to students that in this lesson, they will be giving and receiving feedback. Discuss how feedback must be given kindly and respectfully, and brainstorm prior knowledge about how to give constructive advice.
  • Model Giving Effective Feedback by sharing one of the Excellent Example videos (either Persuasive or Informative), and then having students work together to provide each of the five layers of the Feedback Sandwich.
  • Discuss the Commercial Checklist and how you can use it to identify areas where revision would be helpful.
  • Discuss with students what the resources taught them about giving constructive advice.

Step 2: Give and Get Feedback

  • Have students explore Slide 15 of their Student Editions.
  • Talk about how feedback needs to be RECEIVED well in order to be helpful.
  • Explore Tips on Using Feedback Wisely and watch Austin's Butterfly together or as a class.
  • Discuss ways that students can make sure they are using feedback to improve their work.
  • Pair students up using the Think, Pair, Share tool. (Set group size to 2.)
  • The tool will randomly select a student who can share their work first, in addition to being the one who reports out.
  • Allow students time to use the Persuasive Commercial Checklist and the Informative Commercial Checklist to help each other improve their commercials.
  • Discuss as a class what worked well and what challenges they faced during their collaboration time.

Step 3: Reflect on Learning

Have students reflect on learning by responding to the following prompts in the Reflection Journal, using a video platform. or in the Lesson 4 Google Form (Questions about Forms? Check out the tutorial video.)

  • What are you most proud of about your commercial?
  • What is the biggest struggle you're having with your commercial?
  • Push yourself to think of one creative idea to make your commercial even more awesome. What is it?

Content Connections

  • You can use this project as a springboard for teaching any content you’d like.
  • Check out some Blue Apple content connection ideas for grades 3-8 for the entire VacciNation project!

Collaboration Options

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  • Would you like to connect with another teacher doing this project? Email your Project Coach to be connected with another educator doing VacciNation.

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