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How to Save a Life

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Preparing for Lesson 1

Teaching others about vaccines helps to save lives. Get in the mood to do great work by watching The Fray's How to Save a Life music video.

Step 1: Play Spot It to Stop It

  • Have students read Slide 3 from their Student Editions.
  • Show students the video Why Vaccines Work. Explain to them that they'll be playing a game to help them get a feel for why vaccines help your immune system so much.
  • Make a copy of the Spot It to Stop It sheet (you will need to log into a Google account). Enter your students' names and it will give each student a game link. Watch the Spot It to Stop It Tutorial video, then allow individuals or small groups to work through the game. When your class is finished, discuss what they learned!
  • Discuss how, in Spot It to Stop It, students play the role of the immune system. In the first part, they have to try to recognize germs without knowing which of them are dangerous. In the second, they know what to look for. This makes the game easier, and it's exactly how vaccines help your body fight disease!

Step 2: Vaccines: A More Wonderful World

  • Have students explore Slide 4 of their Student Editions.
  • Finish the lesson by helping students understand that vaccines aren't just a good idea. They've literally saved MILLIONS of lives.
  • Show and discuss A Wonderful World to help students realize that vaccines have been an incredible force for good. Who knows... vaccines may already have saved THEIR life!
    Teacher TipThe video features images of people suffering from different diseases. If you have students who are squeamish, you may wish to caution them in advance.

Step 3: Reflect on Learning

Have students reflect on learning by responding to the following prompts in the Reflection Journal, using a video platform or in the Lesson 1 Google Form (Questions about Forms? Check out the tutorial video.)

  • Why do you think some people feel nervous about vaccines?
  • What do you think are the best ways to help people feel comfortable with vaccination?
  • What do you wonder about the vaccines?

Content Connections

  • You can use this project as a springboard for teaching any content you’d like.
  • Check out some Blue Apple content connection ideas for grades 3-8 for the entire VacciNation project!

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Want More?

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