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Education Spotlights

Explore topics relevant in today's educational climate. Education Spotlights are in-depth guides with practical tips that teachers can use in their classrooms immediately.

5 Ways to Use Science to Teach Social Emotional Learning

Over the past two years schools have seen a dramatic increase in the need for social emotional learning.  Learn 5 science lessons that incorporate the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) framework for SEL.

5 Math Strategies to Boost Inquiry and Conceptual Understanding

When students are truly engaged in inquiry, they can construct deep knowledge and understanding rather than just passively receiving the information. Learn about 5 free math resources that build inquiry and conceptual understanding with students.


The ‚ÄúKnow-Show Gap‚ÄĚ has real repercussions. It can prevent teachers and schools from being able to represent the good work they do to the public. Learn strategies to help minimize the Know-Show gap so students can prove what they really can do.

Beyond the Numbers: Infusing Creativity into Math and Science

It is rare for us to associate math and science with creativity. But, why not? Both math and science hold great potential for creative work, and there are simple, practical ways to make this happen in your classroom. 

Beyond the Test: Using Alternative Assessments in the Classroom

In an attempt to mend our slightly bent-out-of-shape relationship with assessment, here are some tools, tips, and take-aways to help you and your students.

Building a Positive Classroom Culture: Strategies for Effective Classroom Management

This Spotlight for K-8 teachers lays out the three pillars ‚ÄĒ community, content, and conduct ‚ÄĒ for creating a positive classroom culture with practical strategies you can follow.

Classrooms that matter: making PBL a Reality

Schools are often lacking in instruction that is authentic and relevant to students’ lives. PBL really comes down to providing an authentic learning experience, something that students find purpose in, and are thus more motivated to learn and perform well. Having a clear picture of what success looks like is critical to making PBL a reality in the classroom.

Deeper, Simpler Differentiation in the Classroom

The pandemic affected every student differently. Some thrived; many fell far behind. That makes differentiation a topic that’s more relevant today than ever. Learn how can you meet the needs of all your students in a way that works for you!

Find Your Heart: 7 Ways to reclaim your love of teaching

With pandemic protocols, political unrest, and increasing workloads and responsibilities ravishing the classroom, the heart of teaching can at times feel lost. 

Finding Time When You're Stretched Too Thin

Time. Teachers never seem to have enough of it ‚ÄĒ and there‚Äôs no way to make more! But by taking a few practical steps to energize yourself and to teach in simpler, deeper ways, you can magically find the time to do everything you need, and more of what you want.

Five Ways ChatGPT and AI Can Help You in Your Classroom

This Spotlight for K-12 teachers will show you how to leverage AI tools to revolutionize personalized learning, improve efficiency, and enhance collaborative teaching approaches. It includes practical ways to use AI in your classroom!

Girl Power: Powerful Strategies to motivate Girls in STEM

Although there have been strides to reduce the STEM gender gap over the last 50 years, progress has been slow. Women constitute almost half of the entire workforce, but are drastically underrepresented in STEM fields. Learn how teachers help alleviate this gender disparity and inspire our future female scientists of all ages.

Informational Literacy: Equip Your Students to Evaluate Informational Sources

Identifying high-quality, credible information amidst the inaccurate or misleading information, is more difficult than ever. Equip your students to evaluate informational sources.

Ignite, Engage, Empower: Unleashing Student Engagement in the Classroom

Student learning should involve curiosity, discovery, and opportunity to experiment with a variety of different solutions to a problem. This Spotlight for K-12 teachers includes practical strategies to create an engaging learning environment in your classroom.

Ignite Their Fire: Engaging EVERY Student

Engagement. As educators, we can argue that it is an essential component to the learning process. But how do we get our students interested in content we have to teach, in ways that build their curiosity and excitement for what is to come?

Keep Kids weird: using student strangeness for good instead of evil

How can we reclaim the power of weirdness, help our students share their unique personalities, and allow diversity to flourish in our classrooms? Here are a few ideas!

Meaningful Learning: Creating memorable and fun learning experiences

Do your students ask, ‚Äúwhen are we ever going to use this?‚ÄĚ When we make content relevant to students‚Äô lives, create¬†experiences that are valuable and rich, and provide¬†learning opportunities that have an impact, meaningful¬†learning is bound to happen.

SEL Your way through the curriculum

Pandemic teaching has left more than an academic mark on education. Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) has always been integral to well-rounded student success, but perhaps never more so than now.

The Science (and Art) of Equity

Equity is at the heart of education; great educators make sure that every student has what they need to thrive. To champion equity for our students, we need to understand them deeply.

The Power of Play to Teach Rich Content

Play is a superpower that  improves memory and increases brain plasticity. But in a system that too often pushes educators away from play, how can busy teachers find time to infuse play into their classrooms? 

We Can Do Hard Things: Kick-Starting Perseverance

Learn the importance of perseverance and how to create a classroom environment where students can excel at, and feel comfortable with, taking risks. This Spotlight for K-12 teachers includes practical strategies to create a culture of perseverance in your classroom.

What Do They Know? Using Alternative assessments in the classroom

We know assessments are critical components of teaching and learning, but so often they become straight-up burdens. At best, they can be boring and uninformative. At worst, they can overtake what we know is most important in the learning process.

What Do You Say? Tackling Tough Conversations

Difficult conversations are a part of life. Unfortunately, they can pop up at any time and knock us (and our lesson plans) off course. Learn tips, ideas, and resources to consider when confronted with tough conversations.

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