Blue Apple Projects

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Making project-based learning (PBL) a reality takes time—a teacher’s most precious commodity. Teachers don’t have time to convince experts to visit the class, create lessons that integrate content across the curriculum, scour the web for the best online resources, and find partner classrooms to collaborate with. That’s where Blue Apple comes in. We do the heavy lifting in the planning, so you can do what you do best…teach!

Projects for Grades K–8

These projects, compatible for grades K-8, include engaging lesson plans, curated online resources, options for in-person, hybrid, or remote learning, cross-curricular mini-lessons, real-world experts, and much more!

Can a cookbook save your life?
Students create, test, and revise healthy recipes using a Top Chef Competition format. They present their dishes to a live audience and create a cookbook to sell for the Action for Healthy Kids charity.

Can we save our school money while saving the planet?
Students conduct an energy audit of their school. They design, test, and refine solutions to reduce energy consumption. Then, they pitch the cost and benefits of their solutions to school stakeholders.


Can a few cents revitalize a community?
Students research microlending stories from around the world and select a loan request to fund. They plan, design, and refine a fundraising event to raise funds for entrepreneurs in a developing nation.


How can we make a memory live on forever?
Students make friends with a resident of a retirement home, listen to their story, and craft a biography that they share with their new senior friend and their friend’s family.

How can we stop germs in their tracks?
Students test the effectiveness of disinfectants in fighting germs and create a public service announcement to help fight back against these microbes!

Will our state survive the next 100 years?
Students author a class book about how their state is faring in relation to the UN Sustainable Goals. They publish their book and sell it to support sustainable development.

Can students inspire change in public policy?
Students learn to debate respectfully as they research all sides of relevant issues and take a position on a topic of their choice. Then, they share their position with an inspirational podcast!

Can Earth be saved…or is Mars our only hope?
Students choose to support environmental protection of Earth or colonization of Mars. They research, investigate soil fertility, and use their findings to create a commercial that will raise money for their cause.


Can students improve water quality for our planet?
Students collect, test, and analyze local water samples and determine ways to improve water quality. Then, they create and perform a watershed rap to raise money for improving water quality.

Can students help create a class full of millionaires?
Students discover the power of compound interest (for good and for bad) and then create an engaging lesson that they teach to high school students.

Each Blue Apple Project Includes: