About Blue Apple Projects

Blue Apple Projects

Use project-based learning to accelerate learning across all content areas! Explore projects now.

Project Design

We search for teachers creating remarkable learning experiences and select the very best PBL units we can find. We curate those winning ideas into a 5-step process for each lesson and add PBL supports that turn ordinary lesson plans into cohesive, integrated, engaging learning experiences.

5-Step Process

  1. Start with why: Motivate students with a compelling question and engaging hook.
  2. Think it through: Guide students in exploration and discovery.
  3. Work it out: Support collaborative teams as they apply critical and creative thinking to real-world problems.
  4. Fix it up: Encourage iterative thinking with purposeful feedback and revision.
  5. Share your awesome: Give work relevance and meaning by presenting it to authentic audiences.

PBL Supports

  1. Project Plan and Supplies: Facilitate sustained inquiry with engaging, purposeful lessons and materials for hands-on activities.
  2. Real-world Connections: Boost engagement and relevance by connecting students with real-world experts and influencers.
  3. Cross-curricular Content: Integrate content-area instruction in the context of an authentic learning experience to deepen understanding.
  4. Collaboration Options: Foster openness to new ideas by partnering with other classes doing the same project.
  5. Professional Development: Discover point-of-use teaching tips and tricks that can be applied beyond the current project.

Blue Apple projects offer a practical application to the rich research base for project-based learning. They make the engagement and achievement gains more attainable with time-saving supports to make project-based learning a reality in any classroom.

Each Blue Apple Project Includes: