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Explore Inquiry In Action

Introducing Inquiry In Action science lessons! Each science topic offers a variety of inquiry-based lessons that are sure to engage your students and get them thinking deeply about their learning. These 15-30 minute experiences are sure to WOW your students without much prep, planning, or time taken out of your busy schedule!

Disaster Detectives: BlizzardS!

What is a blizzard? Why do they happen? What can we do to keep ourselves safe in the snow? In these 5 engaging lessons your students will explore, discover, and remember a wealth of information about blustery, snowy BLIZZARDS!

Disaster Detectives: Hurricanes!

Earth is a dynamic system of natural forces. Sometimes, these forces can interact in disastrous and destructive ways. But often, we are left wondering, “How in the world did that happen?” Use these 5 lessons to better understand the phenomena behind one of Earth’s most devastating natural disasters. 

What's the Matter?

Matter is all around us! But how can we get our students thinking about it in ways that get them asking, “Why did that happen?!” and investigating the science behind it to figure it out. Use these five lessons to engage students in creative and critical thinking — they’ll love every minute of it!