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Preparing for Lesson 3

  • In this lesson, students will create a rough draft of a commercial.
  • You can choose whether to have students create persuasive commercials or informative commercials, or you can allow students to choose.
  • Preview Excellent Examples (Persuasive) and Excellent Examples (Informative) and decide which you would like to share with your students, or whether you would like to share both.

Step 1: Find Your Voice

  • Have students explore Slide 10 from their Student Editions, reading the Students Stand Up slideshow either as a class or individually.
  • Discuss ways in which your students have had a positive impact on their community, and explore other ways they could be a force for good.
  • Share and discuss the Vaccine Tracker, then explain that in this lesson, students are going to create a commercial. Your class will either create commercials to INFORM people about vaccines, to PERSUADE them to get vaccinated, or to create some commercials that accomplish each objective. If we can vaccinate many people and build our immunity, scientists are confident we can beat the COVID pandemic!
  • Help students understand vaccination procedures in your state with USA Today's State-by-State Guide.

Step 2: Get Creative

  • Have students examine Slide 11 of their Student Editions.
  • We learn by seeing examples in action! Share Excellent Examples (Persuasive) and/or Excellent Examples (Informative) and allow students to explore the examples, either individually or in small groups. Have students reflect on how THEY would like to inform or persuade others.
    Teacher TipIf students are working virtually, consider having them use breakout rooms to collaborate, or to share a Crafting Your Message Google doc with each other.
  • Then, have students explore Choose Your Level of Adventure, as well as the Art of Persuasion and/or the Art of Informing to help them think about crafting a positive, respectful message.
  • Allow students to think and write about their plans, and to discuss their ideas with classmates.
  • Have students share with you their "elevator pitch" for their commercial -- a quick, 30-second description of what they want to do.

Step 3: Get Started!

  • Have students read Slide 12 of their Student Editions. Get your students excited to create your own VacCinematic experiences!
  • Allow students to create a rough draft of their commercials using Screencastify or another method of recording.

Step 4: Reflect on Learning

Have students reflect on learning by responding to the following prompts in the Reflection Journal, using a video platform or in the Lesson 3 Google Form (Questions about Forms? Check out the tutorial video.)

  • What message will you share to help teach people about vaccines or inspire people to get vaccinated?
  • How will you help viewers feel heard and respected?
  • How will you make sure your message is positive and appealing?

Content Connections

  • You can use this project as a springboard for teaching any content you’d like.
  • Check out some Blue Apple content connection ideas for grades 3-8 for the entire VacciNation project!

Collaboration Options

  • Do you have comments? Ideas? Additional resources that others might find handy? Email your Project Coach! (Haven’t gotten a Project Coach yet? Contact us at
  • Would you like to connect with another teacher doing this project? Email your Project Coach to be connected with another educator doing VacciNation.

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