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Blue Apple Projects

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VAI’s Flex PD Bundles are designed to empower K-12 teachers with tools to enhance student outcomes, foster a thriving learning environment that sets your institution apart, and drive lasting positive classroom and student change. We’ll facilitate peer discussions at each step, enabling teachers to share their challenges, learn from one another, collaborate, and innovate!

What’s included:

  • Immersive Workshops: Your choice of in-person or virtual workshops will allow teachers to immerse themselves in the content, develop a trust and rapport with the facilitator, and create personalized action plans. (Virtual workshops will be split to manageable times — no one wants to be online for hours on end!)

  • A Variety of 1-Hour Virtual Learning Sessions: In-person or virtual learning sessions can be conducted before or after school to support continuous professional growth and offer opportunity for teacher voice and choice.

  • Ongoing Coaching Support: Teachers have ongoing access to instructional coaches for personalized strategic growth planning. They can ask questions, deconstruct real-world scenarios, and obtain actionable strategies in lesson planning and problem-solving.

  • Some bundles include Blue Apple Projects: Engaging cross-content area PBL projects designed to make learning memorable, meaningful, and fun.

Available Bundles

Innovations in Education Bundle (Grades K-8)

Immersive Workshops:

Virtual Learning Sessions:

Ongoing Coaching Support

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