Learning Loss Recovery Plan

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Beyond Learning Loss

2021–2022 Education Recovery Plan (Grades K–8)

Learning Loss, Instructional Loss, Unfinished Learning…whatever you call it, the 2020-21 school year has left its mark on the learning process! But rather than focus on the negative, we see an opportunity for schools to reimagine their instructional practices, leveraging the lessons learned from pandemic teaching, and embracing authentic learning experiences as a way to accelerate learning to close the gaps.

Accelerate learning well into the future by integrating social and emotional learning, attending to issues of equity, and creating project-based and inquiry-based learning experiences that engage students in making the world a better place. These are the pressing issues for many schools, but each school is unique and deserves customized content that aligns to its school improvement goals. We can help!

VAI’s Education Recovery Plan is a customized solution aligned to ESSER Funding that brings together:

Flex PD
A flexible and customizable PD model that honors teachers time, experience, and expertise.

Instructional Resources
Tools and strategies that save teachers time, model best-practices, and ensure implementation.

Ongoing Support
Sustained instructional coaching and support that maximizes your PD investment.

Let us build your professional development plan for free…regardless of whether you choose us as your PD provider!

Flex PD

Our professional development content is tailored to your school’s needs, preparing teachers to successfully close instructional gaps in 2021-2022.

Immersive Workshops

These engaging, in-person workshops allow teachers to immerse themselves in the content, develop a trust and rapport with the facilitator, and create personalized action plans. Each workshop can be facilitated over the course of 6 hours in blocks based on your time constraints. (Select at least one.)

Learning Sessions

1-hour virtual learning sessions support continuous professional growth and offer an opportunity for teacher voice and choice. All sessions are followed up with individualized action plans and support. (Select at least four.)

For additional workshops and sessions available, visit Flex PD.

Instructional Resources

Blue Apple Projects

Creating authentic learning experiences takes time—a teacher’s most precious commodity. Give them evidence-based resources, that they can use as-is or modify, so they can do what they do best…teach!

Blue Apple Projects include engaging lesson plans, curated online resources, options for in-person, hybrid, or remote learning, cross-curricular mini-lessons, real-world experts, and much more so teachers can make project-based learning a reality. (Recommend 1–2 projects for teachers new to PBL; 3–4 projects for teachers familiar with PBL.)

With every project, teachers have FREE ongoing access to a Project Coach to help them bring PBL to life in their classrooms. 

The cross-curricular nature of Blue Apple projects make them ideal for accelerating learning in a traditional classroom setting or as an afterschool or summer program.

Ongoing Support


With every engagement, teachers have ongoing access to instructional coaches to serve as thought partners for lesson planning, problem-solving, encouragement, and personalized strategic growth planning. Coaches provide practical, real-time support as teachers implement action plans.

Student Experiences (VAI Field Trips)

VAI Field Trips immerse classrooms of students—and their teachers—in learning science through inquiry, to combat loss of instructional time for science. Students conduct engaging, grade-specific investigations and participate in hands-on discovery. They speak with Van Andel Institute scientists and watch them in action at the Institute’s demonstration lab. All topics are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and can be delivered in person or remotely (with supplies provided).  (Recommend 1-2 field trips per teacher)

For additional field trips, visit our complete catalog.

See how VAI’s Education Reset Plan
aligns to ESSER funding.

ESSER Funding offers a tremendous opportunity to dream big, but the funds won’t last forever, so use them for initiatives that have a long term impact on teaching and learning.

For more about how to use ESSER funding, watch the Administrator Summit on Overcoming Learning Loss.