How can we stop germs in their tracks?

GERMS. They lurk in every classroom. Each year, students miss an estimated 164 MILLION school days due to illness. In this project, students will fight back against these microscopic monsters with this public-service project designed to make your school—and the world—a safer and healthier place. They will collect germs from common surfaces such as desks, laptops, and more. Then they’ll test the effectiveness of disinfectants in fighting germs. Finally, they’ll create a public service announcement for their school!

Imagine if kids could keep themselves and their families healthier by developing smart habits to protect against germs. What a great way to build healthy routines to last a lifetime!

Project Plan and Resources

Learning Targets


Lesson 1: Students begin to understand how germs spread.

Lesson 2: Students design a fair test to investigate the spread of germs.

Lesson 3: Students learn about and share knowledge about germs.

Lesson 4: Students make observations on germ growth.

Lesson 5: Students learn how to structure a public service announcement.

Lesson 6: Students create a first draft for their PSA.

Lesson 7: Students understand how to refine the work of their peers.

Lesson 8: Students share their PSAs with the world.

For lesson descriptions, download the project overview.

For K–8 content connections, download the content correlations.


Online Resources

Interactive Games and Activities

  • Battle That Bacteria! Experiment Plan*
  • Bread and Bacteria Investigation Plan
  • Do You See What I See? Germ Observation Sheet
  • Experiment Data Spreadsheet
  • Fair Testing: The Unfairness of it All! Activity
  • Glitter Games
  • Following Directions Activity
  • Measuring the Area of Weird Shapes Activity
  • Observation and Data Analysis Form

Websites and Videos

  • Meet the Microbes Article
  • Model PSA Radio
  • New Hand-Washing Tool Prevents Germs from Spreading Article
  • Skype a Scientist
  • Video: A Short History of Humans and Germs*
  • Video: Experiment Data Sheet Tutorial
  • Video: Glitter Germs
  • Video: Growing Bacteria—Sick Science! #210
  • Video: How Germs Spread
  • Video: How to Prevent the Flu
  • Video: How to Stop the Spread of Germs
  • Video: Model PSA Kid President
  • Video: Don’t Text and Drive PSA
  • Video: Preventing the Spread of Illness
  • Video: Qualitative vs. Quantitative Cheer
  • Video: Prevent the Spread Student PSA
  • Video: Science Project – Growing Bacteria In A Petri Dish
  • Video: Speak Up PSA
  • What are Germs? Article

Additional Resources

  • Book List*
  • Characteristics of an Effective Public Service Announcement
  • Do You See What I See? Germ Observation Sheet
  • Editing and Revising a PSA Checklist
  • Fair Testing: No Fair! Resource
  • Home Letter
  • How to Create a PSA Guide
  • Kid-Safe Search Sites List
  • Learn the Germs Fact Sheet
  • Let’s Learn about Germs! Resource
  • Model PSA Poster
  • Press Release
  • Reflection Journal
  • Share Fair Invitation
  • Student Self-Assessment Rubric
  • Teacher Assessment Rubric
  • Virtual Student Edition

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About the Author

Tammy Myers

4th Grade Teacher
Summit Intermediate
Nixa, MO

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Tammy Myers

4th Grade Teacher
Summit Intermediate
Nixa, MO

‘Hello! My name is Tammy Myers and I’ve been a teacher for Nixa Public Schools since 2000. I dreamed of being a teacher since I was a second grader, and after all these years, I’m just as passionate about it! I love getting to come to school everyday and learning with my fourth graders. I graduated from Missouri State University with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and from Lindenwood University with a master’s degree. When I’m not at school, I enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends, reading, shopping, and serving at my church. On Saturdays you can usually find me at Busiek State Park riding my horse, Stormy.