Can students help create a class full of millionaires?

Each year, millions of people are crushed by the burden of debt. Millions more are empowered by the miracle of savings and investment. In this project, students will learn the essentials of financial literacy—and use those skills for good by getting high school students “interested” in making smart financial decisions. Watch as your students form meaningful relationships while coaching teens on important money management skills. 

Imagine if kids could help themselves and others make smart financial decisions. The skills they learn today could build solid habits to last a lifetime!

Project Plan and Resources

Learning Targets


Lesson 1: Students understand the way interest grows.

Lesson 2: Students understand the importance of delayed gratification.

Lesson 3: Students use division to calculate interest. 

Lesson 4: Students learn to apply the power of investment to their own lives.

Lesson 5: Students plan to teach the lessons they’ve learned to high school students.

Lesson 6: Students understand components of strong lesson plans.

Lesson 7: Students work collaboratively to create a lesson on debt and investment. 

Lesson 8: Students understand the incredible power of iterative thinking.

Lesson 9: Students change the lives of others by teaching them about debt and investment.

For lesson descriptions, download the project overview.

For K–8 content connections, download the content correlations.

Online Resources

Interactive Games and Activities

  • A Fairly Simple Quiz
  • Donut Cost Calculator*
  • Money Grows Activity
  • Multiplying Money Activity
  • Risky Business Simulator
  • Rolling Into Savings Game
  • Student Pay Stubs

Websites and Videos

  • How Teens Can Become Millionaires Article
  • Oldify.net
  • Video: Ask the Banker
  • Video: Biz Kid$: Debt
  • Video: Elephant Toothpaste
  • Video: Financial Literacy and Rabbits
  • Video: Investing Advice from a Financial Expert
  • Video: Marshmallow Experiment
  • Video: Million Dollar Challenge*
  • Video: Money Lessons Every College Student Needs to Learn
  • Video: Receiving My First Credit Card
  • Video: Risky Business 
  • Video: Risky Business Simulator Tutorial
  • Virtual Dice Roller

Additional Resources

  • Booklist
  • Dollar Bills Reference Sheets
  • Classroom Job Cards
  • Financial Literacy and Rabbits Slideshow
  • Home Letter
  • How to Save Money Resource*
  • Lesson Plan Examples
  • Lesson Plan Template
  • Making a Great Lesson Cards
  • Money Grows Spreadsheet
  • Press Release
  • Reflection Journal
  • Risky Business Slideshow
  • Student Self-Assessment Rubric
  • Teacher Assessment Rubric
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Debt Resource
  • Video: Risky Business Simulator Tutorial
  • Virtual Student Edition

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