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AI Discovery Quest

AI Discovery Quest

ChatGPT can be a tool to launch incredible adventures!

Share the AI Discovery Quest Launch Prompt with your students and copy the text provided. Then, have them log in to ChatGPT and paste the text into the prompt box.

You can assign your students to explore a topic of your choosing, or you can allow them to choose.

As they go, students can collect the most interesting information they learn on the Discovery Form. Just before they are done, they can ask ChatGPT to create three questions to test them on what they’ve learned!

Finish by having students discuss what they learned in small groups and as a class.

Teacher Tip

Want to control student access to ChatGPT? Have one computer that has permission, and do this activity as a “May Do” or together as a class!

Note: ChatGPT requires users be at least 13 years old. Teachers of younger students should follow the suggested modification to utilize this lesson as a whole-class teacher resource.

Want to see the lesson in action? Check out the Discovery Quest Tutorial Video!

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Share this resource so students in other classrooms can benefit as well!

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