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You and AI

Getting Started

Artificial Intelligence can be an incredibly powerful tool to deepen learning in your classroom. Use these four FREE activities to get a glimpse of how you can use AI to make your classroom a place full of learning experiences that are even more memorable, meaningful, and FUN!

New to AI?
  • Check out this Quick Tutorial to get started with one of the most powerful AI tools.
  • Or, explore this New to AI Guide to help you understand what AI is and how you can use it!


Lesson 1

What is AI?

Everyone’s talking about AI — but what is it, exactly? In this activity, your students explore how AI works, and try thinking like different types of AI programs to produce something creative and fun!

Lesson 2

Beat ChatGPT: The Game

When you challenge your students to create something better than ChatGPT, you can stretch their thinking in wonderful ways!

Lesson 3

Right or Wrong: When to Use AI

This interactive activity helps students develop a nuanced understanding of WHEN AI tools can help them think more deeply… and when AI use is WRONG.

Lesson 4

AI Discovery Quest

Let students follow their curiosity — and practice their fact-checking skills while they’re at it! With this guided AI quest, you’ll be amazed at what students discover!

Callout: New to AI? Check out this Quick Tutorial!

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Want More?

The Van Andel Institute for K-12 Education offers customized support for schools who want to leverage the power of AI to improve student learning — in a way that’s practical, meaningful, and FUN! Fill in the PD Request Form to get started!

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