Share this resource so students in other classrooms can benefit as well!

Information Nation

Developing Information Literacy Leaders

Getting Started

There is so much information out there to be explored! But, is it reliable? Now more than ever, it is important to teach our students how to find reliable and trustworthy sources of information. Not only for use in their research, but also on their quest to better understand the world around them. Use this resource to teach your students how to become information literacy leaders!


Lesson 1

Do You Dare?

Teach students that while on their search for reliable information, first looks can be deceiving!

Lesson 2

Is This Information CRAAP?

Have students use this acronym and their critical thinking skills to guide their information inquiries.

Lesson 3

The Quest for Truth

Take students on an information literacy voyage through this interactive QR code activity. 

Lesson 4

Cases to Crack

Encourage students to exercise critical thinking as they use their information literacy skills to crack the case!

Want More?

After your students learn about information literacy, teach them about financial literacy! Your class will LOVE the Blue Apple project, 50 Years of Interest , where students learn about the dangers of debt and the power of investment, and use their learning to teach others important financial lessons.

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Share this resource so students in other classrooms can benefit as well!

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