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Games, Games, Games!

Brilliant activities to cultivate curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking!!

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Getting Started

We learn so much through play! This month, we’re giving you four fantastic games your students will love to play — and that you’ll love to let them play!

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Fact or Funny?
Lesson 1

Fact or Funny?

Mind-blowing facts and groan-worthy jokes lead students on a learning adventure they’ll never forget. 

Twin or Win
Lesson 2

Twin to Win!

Twin to Win is easy to learn but challenging (and fascinating) for everyone. Help your students level up their reasoning and visual-spatial skills as they ponder their way through perplexing pentomino puzzles!

Lesson 3

Winding Words

The ultimate vocabulary-expanding game! Students learn new terms and form creative connections to shape a memorable, meaningful pathway. 

Lesson 4

What Else?

Kick-start creativity with an engaging game that challenges students to think outside the box by coming up with novel uses for common items. Think Apples to Apples®, with a twist… check it out!

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