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Pledge For Change

Pledge For Change

Empower your students to make the world a better place with this simple activity!

First, print the appropriate Pledge for Change Posters for your grade level, and put each one in a different area of the room. Tell students that they will be able to choose how THEY would like to make a change. Have students stand and move to the poster that best shows how they would like to take action, then sign their names at the bottom of the poster they chose. Finish by discussing specific ways they can take action, and having them fill out their own Pledge for Change

Teacher TipYou can introduce this activity with with the read-aloud, Say Something, by Peter H. Reynolds to get students thinking about how they can stand up and have a positive impact. If you would like, conclude the activity by having students design their own posters showing how they made an impact with their actions.

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Take A Stand

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