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Spooktacular STEAM

Spice up your classroom with STEAM and spookiness!

Each lesson now differentiated for
K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.

Getting Started

The leaves are falling. A chill is in the air. What better time for a little spookiness — and what better way to be spooky than with some creative STEAM challenges?

In Spooktacular STEAM, your class can explore five fun, free lessons to make your month memorable, meaningful, and FUN!

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All lessons are differentiated by grade band. Click on each lesson for grade-specific activities.


Lesson 1

Engin-eerie Activities

Encourage students to exercise critical thinking as they use their information literacy skills to crack the case!

Ghastly Glow
Lesson 2

A Gas-tly Glow

Mesmerize your students with a simple chemical reaction to help them create ghastly, glowing creations!

Lesson 3

Mysterious Mathemagic

Show your students these fascinating mathematical TRICKS before revealing the TREAT — the magic behind the math!

Lesson 4


As your students voyage through the EEK-o-systems, they’ll learn all about the world’s spookiest animals… if they DARE!

Gak Attack
Lesson 5

Gak Attack!

Simple slime is so passé.  Level up your ooze with Gak Attack!, where a little science spices up a slimy study.

Want More?

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Share this resource so students in other classrooms can benefit as well!

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