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Contagious Kindness

Contagious Kindness

Sometimes, the world seems like a dark place. But all of us have the power to make it a little brighter!

It’s simple: have your class perform an act of kindness, individually or as a group. Record what you do on the Contagious Kindness Map . Then, check out other acts of kindness from around the country and think of other classes you could challenge to perform their OWN acts of kindness. Reach out to these classes to keep the chain going. The more classes you challenge, the more kindness can spread across the country and around the world!

Need help using the map? Just check out this Tutorial Video !

Teacher Tip You can have your whole class perform an act of kindness, or record individual acts of kindness. Once you’ve added your act of kindness, have your class see which areas don’t have many yet, and see if they know any schools there which might participate!

Note: The Contagious Kindness Map is for teachers to use to share the acts of kindness performed by their classes. Please do not allow students to edit.

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Share this resource so students in other classrooms can benefit as well!

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