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Cheers to the New Year

Brilliant activities to cultivate curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking!!

Getting Started

A new year can be a chance for new goals, new dreams, and new accomplishments. Help your class get the year off to an incredible start with four fun, fifteen-minute activities that help make your class a smarter, kinder place!

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Lesson 1

Geese, Games, and Goals

Why do goals matter? And how can we set them as smartly as possible? Explore goal-setting in a memorable way with this ingenious little game!

Contagious Kindness
Lesson 2

Contagious Kindness

From Tallahassee to Kalamazoo, students are sharing their random acts of kindness. Get your class to join the movement!

Lesson 3

Thought-fold Words

Resolve to make your year kinder and more beautiful with this origami art project designed to help your students share  a little kindness!

Lesson 4

Timeline of Mine

Help your students look back so that they can look forward with this simple timeline activity — and learn a little math while you’re at it!

Want More?

Resolve to make the world a better place with the Blue Apple project, Lend a Hand, where students help an entrepreneur in a struggling community to have a real and lasting impact!

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Share this resource so students in other classrooms can benefit as well!

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