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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Relevant and engaging lessons to celebrate the history and contributions of Hispanic Americans.

Getting Started

Hispanic individuals have had an incredible impact on our nation’s history. Learn about the diversity of different Hispanic cultures, discover incredible and often-overlooked heroes from history, and dive into engaging activities your kids will love with Blue Apple’s Hispanic Heritage Month activities!

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Lesson 1

Daily Calendar Activities

Get your daily dose of incredible information with the Hispanic Heritage Month Daily Calendar Activities! From videos to articles to interactive websites, each day brings something new; there are even weekly quizzes where your students can test their knowledge!

Lesson 2

A Wide World of Cultures

Send your students on an interactive scavenger hunt to track down incredible facts about Hispanic countries and cultures around the world. It’s awesome!

Lesson 3

Scrambled STEMstory Quest

Students can explore four tales of incredible Hispanic STEM heroes… but they’re all scrambled up! By reading or by listening, your students can exercise their logical reasoning skills to unscramble the stories and discover some incredible, often-overlooked tales! 

Lesson 4

Flags: Around the World and in Your Class!

Every flag has its own story! With this engaging, creative activity, your students will learn about the symbolism included in the flags of Spanish-speaking countries. Then, they’ll use what they’ve learned to create a team flag to proudly display who they are and what they love!

Lesson 5

Eight Great Liberators

Learn about eight great revolutionaries who fought for the independence we celebrate during Hispanic Heritage Month. Then, use what you’ve learned to engage in a great debate about which liberator is greater, until you’ve determined an ultimate revolutionary champion!

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