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Disaster Detectives: Earthquakes!

Engaging inquiry-oriented activities to get your students investigating Earth’s natural forces.

Getting Started

What is an earthquake? Why do they happen? What can we do to keep ourselves safe when the ground shakes? In these five engaging lessons your students will explore, discover, and remember a wealth of information about quake-y, shaky EARTHQUAKES!

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Lesson 1

How Earthquakes Happen

In this interactive adventure, students discover how earthquakes happen and what people are doing to stay safe. Along the way, they’ll work on their reading comprehension skills and learn some fascinating facts!

Lesson 2

Earth-Shattering Earthquakes

Learn about some of the most destructive and devastating earthquakes throughout history. Then students will create an infographic of the earthquake they believe was the most devastating of them all.

Lesson 3

Earthquake Explorers

Students transform into Earthquake Hunters as they track quakes around the world to develop their understanding of plate tectonics — then see if they can predict when and where the next earthquake will occur.

Lesson 4

Escape That Earthquake - Engineering Challenge

This hands-on, inquiry-oriented exploration helps students investigate how well different structures hold up against earthquakes, and challenges them to create a structure that can escape an earthquake unharmed.

Lesson 5

Staying Safe: Earthquake Edition

Learn how to mitigate the damage caused by an earthquake, then share your learning with others to help keep them safe.

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