Blue Apple Projects

Use project-based learning to accelerate learning across all content areas in 2021–2022. Explore projects now!

Projects in Action Videos let you see how other teachers have used Blue Apple projects in their classrooms. And check our our PD Videos for strategies that will help you successfully implement PBL in your classroom.

Projects in Action Videos

50 Years of Interest
Can 5th graders help create a class full of millionaires? Fifth graders at Sibley Elementary discover the power of compound interest (for good and for bad) and then create an engaging lesson that they teach to high school students. See project details.

Food for Thought
Can a cookbook save your life? 4th grade students at Sibley Elementary learn how healthy eating habits influence their lives. They create, test, and revise healthy recipes for a Top Chef Competition, and then present their dishes to a live audience. See project details.

High Energy
Can we save our school money while saving the planet? 5th graders at Lake Michigan Catholic School conduct an energy audit of their school. Then they present solutions to their school board to reduce energy consumption. See project details.

Lend a Hand
Can a few dollars revitalize a community? Fifth graders at Lake Michigan Catholic prove that it can! Watch as they learn about microlending and lead a fundraiser to help an entrepreneur in a developing country. See project details.

Moments to Remember
How can we make a memory live on forever? Fifth graders at Cannonsburg Elementary make friends with a resident of a retirement home, listen to their story, and craft a biography that they share with their new senior friends. See project details.

State of Sustainability
Will our state survive the next 100 years? 7th grade students at Surry County Schools learn what it really means to be sustainable. Then they created a PSA for their entire school using social media, posters, and brochures. See project details.

Take a Stand
It’s critical to teach our students to disagree…without being disagreeable. Watch students in Miss Wysocki’s fourth-grade class as they learn all about civil debate, then use what they’ve learned to create a podcast so they can share their views and their voices with the world! See project details.

The Dirty Truth
Can Earth be saved…or is Mars our only hope? Students at San Juan Elementary divided in teams to either support environmental protection of Earth or colonization of Mars. Then they used their findings to create a commercial that raised money for their cause. See project details.

Prevent the Spread
How can we stop germs in their tracks? 4th grade students at Grand Rapids Christian Evergreen test the effectiveness of disinfectants in fighting germs. They finalize their discoveries by creating a public service announcement to help fight back against these microbes. See project details.

What’s in Your Water?
Can 4th graders improve water quality for our planet? 4th grade students at Hamilton Community Schools analyze local water samples and build a model water shed to determine ways to improve water quality. Then, they raised money for improving water quality. See project details.

PD Videos

Applying Critical and Creative Thinking
Looking for practical ideas to get students applying critical and creative thinking? Terra shares some of her favorite strategies for getting students to hone their creative and critical thinking skills. Download FREE Creative and Critical Thinking Strategies.

Connections and Rapport
Looking for effective ways to build relationships with your students? Jamie explains why building connections and establishing rapport is so important, and shares some practical strategies that you can use in your classroom right away! Download FREE Connections and Rapport Strategies.

Timely and Actionable Feedback
Ever struggle with giving feedback? When to give it? How much to give? Dawn explores ideas on how to create a feedback-friendly classroom and shares specific strategies to giving timely and actionable feedback. Download FREE Timely and Actionable Feedback Strategies.

Engagement Hooks
Great teachers capture their students’ attention. Join Ben for a dive into Dave Burgess’s Teach Like a Pirate, and walk away with six powerful, proven engagement hooks that will make you a Blue Apple teacher—a teacher who stands out! Download FREE Engagement Hooks Strategies.

Differentiating Instruction
Could you use some new strategies for differentiating instruction and meeting the needs of all your leaners? Terra shares her thoughts on differentiated instruction and ways to make differentiation a reality in the classroom. Download FREE Differentiating Instruction Strategies.

Student Voice and Choice
Could you use a few practical strategies for increasing student choice and voice in your classroom? Jamie shares her ideas on why giving students choice in their learning is so vital and highlights a few simple strategies that you can use to encourage this with your students. Download FREE Student Voice and Choice Strategies.

Cooperative Learning
Looking for strategies and ideas for creating that cooperative classroom? Dawn shares what you need to know about cooperative learning and strategies to bring it to life in your classroom. Download FREE Cooperative Learning Strategies.

Risk Taking and Perseverance
Wish your students were more fearless in the face of failure? Want to cultivate their perseverance and willingness to take responsible risks? Join Ben as he explores six practical strategies to give your students the growth mindset they need to succeed in school and in life. Download FREE Risk-Taking and Perseverance Strategies.

Standards-Based Grading
Ever wonder if there’s a more effective way to grade student work? Terra makes a case for standards-based grading and shares some practical strategies to revamp grading in the classroom. Download FREE Standards-Based Grading Strategies.

Rules and Routines
Want a thriving, respectful classroom culture? Join Ben as he explores eight simple strategies you can implement immediately to help improve your rules and routines. Don’t miss out on these easy tips and tricks for effective classroom management! Download FREE Rules and Routines Strategies.

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