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Can we save our school money while saving the planet?

Energy is expensive. Plus, using too much energy is bad for the planet. In this project, students will conduct an energy audit of their school to help the planet—and their school’s pocketbook. Then, they will design, test, refine, and share solutions to reduce energy consumption. Finally, students will pitch the costs and benefits of their solutions to stakeholders.

Imagine if thousands of kids just like yours, all around the country, started making smart choices about energy consumption and shared that knowledge with others. What an impact this would have on sustainability!

Project Learning Targets

Lesson 1: Students understand the importance of saving energy.

Lesson 2: Students reflect on the energy usage of common household appliances.

Lesson 3: Students understand the different ways in which energy is used in their homes.

Lesson 4: Students understand the importance of saving energy.

Lesson 5: Students understand the value of responsible decision-making as they independently conduct an energy audit.

Lesson 6: Students analyze audit data and strategize ways to reduce energy use in their school.

Lesson 7: Students think iteratively to refine their presentations.

Lesson 8: Students present information to stakeholders.

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What is included with your project? 

Sample Online Resources
  • “Which Bulb is Better?” Experiment Plan 
  • “What Uses Watt Card” Game 
  • Energy Efficiency Video (YouTube 3:39) 
  • Energy Usage Calculator 
  • School Energy Audit 
  • And so much more!
Kit Supplies
  • Dollar bill
  • Incandescent bulb
  • CFL bulb
  • Wattage meter
  • English Language Arts: Research to Build and Share Knowledge
  • Math: Operations with Decimals
  • Science: Protecting Earth’s Resources
  • Social Studies: Benefits and Costs of Individual Choices
  • Social-Emotional Learning: Self-Awareness and Responsible Decision Making
  • Learn from an Architect
  • Lessons from an Energy Auditor
  • Connect with an Energy Provider
  • Pitch the Principal
  • Take it to the Capitol
Making the Circuit

Recommend a change to make your school more energy efficient and then start a petition on a “circuit” of your school in order to make your recommendation a reality!

  • Engagement Hooks
  • Connections and Rapport

To see a complete list of what’s included in your project, download the project overview.

About the Author

Paul Yenne

5th Grade Teacher
Steele Elementary School
Colorado Springs, CO

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Are you a DIY-er?

Don’t have time for DIY?

Paul Yenne

5th Grade Teacher
Steele Elementary School
Colorado Springs, CO

Hi! My name is Paul Yenne, a baby teacher who is excited to have the opportunity to work on the High Energy project. I started my career as a Special Education paraprofessional and loved the five years I spent in that position. In fact, I enjoyed being in education so much that I finished my degree and entered the classroom, where I channel my passion for creating an engaging and relationship-driven environment for kids to discover a sense of independence and self-directed learning. Currently, I teach 5th grade at Steele Elementary school in Colorado Springs School District 11.