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The World of the First Thanksgiving

The World of the First Thanksgiving

Help your students gain an appreciation for the rich indigenous tribes that thrived on the continent during the time of the first Thanksgiving.

Print a copy of the Fascinating Facts form for each student. Then, share the link to the THINKsgiving Thinglink. Allow students six minutes to explore the resource freely. Give them five minutes to record five favorite facts and one wonderful question to hand in to you. Spend your final four minutes reading the questions to see if you know the answers — or if your students’ fascinating facts have helped them teach you something new!

Teacher TipWant to make this more collaborative? Have groups of students work together to explore the Thinglink, to record their facts, and to create their questions! If there’s too much information for your students, you can have groups focus on two or three of the regions to help them get started!

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Share this resource so students in other classrooms can benefit as well!

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