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Naturexplore Scavenger Hunt

Naturexplore Scavenger Hunt

Naturexplore is designed to spark curiosity and conversation. For each item on the scavenger hunt list, students explain why they think their choice fits. The point isn’t whether students are right or wrong, it’s the rich discussions about what they think and why!

Encourage offbeat answers and approaches to the Naturexplore Scavenger Hunt. For instance, check out these examples. Notice the creative voice in the explanations, and the elegant solution of the second example . When we celebrate interesting answers and novel solutions, we cultivate creative thinking! Similarly, when students have controversial answers, allow students to share their reasoning. Have them research points of uncertainty, and allow them to come to well-reasoned conclusions together.

Teacher Tip

Want to take your Naturexplore Scavenger Hunt to the next level? Have students add pictures to show where they found each item for extra visual appeal! The Seek app from iNaturalist might help!

There appears to be a student “answer key” on the Naturexplore Scavenger Hunt. Don’t worry — it won’t give anything away 🙂

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Share this resource so students in other classrooms can benefit as well!

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