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Happier Holidays

Thoughtful activities to engage learners’ curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking!

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Getting Started

These four fun, fifteen-minute activities will engage your students’ minds — and their hearts — this holiday season. From a dozen STEAM challenges to custom cards that create connection, you can choose whichever activities best suit your needs!

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Lesson 1

The Twelve Days of STEAM

Partridges and pear trees have nothing on these twelve fun-filled STEAM activities your kids will love.

Lesson 2

Holiday Traditions Around the World

Take your students on a global tour of holidays around the world with a simple, curiosity-inspiring scavenger hunt.

Lesson 3

Kindness Bingo

Inspire your students to commit not-so-random acts of kindness throughout the holiday season.

Cards of Care
Lesson 4

Cards of Care

Help make the holidays a little happier when your students create and send a card of care.

Want More?

Brighten someone’s holiday with the Blue Apple project, Moments to Remember, where students build a connection with a senior citizen, then use what they’ve learned to craft a biography that their new friend will cherish forever!

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