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Model Behavior

Model Behavior

The ability to work through problems successfully can be challenging, but doing so is key to building community while also helping us better understand each other.

In this activity, students will use classroom materials to build models for challenging scenarios they have experienced with their peers. They will replay the scenario and work through possible outcomes that are agreed upon amongst the group.

After students have finished, they will discuss and reflect on the importance of working through challenges that will be encountered throughout the school year and in their daily lives.

Teacher Tip Before the activity, be sure to gather the needed materials. These could include items like straws, pipe cleaners, math manipulatives, blocks, animal figures, paper clips, ect. Consider having students bring in small items from home to truly make this a collaborative activity!

To save time, consider providing scenarios for your students instead of having them brainstorm ideas on their own.

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Share this resource so students in other classrooms can benefit as well!

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