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Celebrating Women’s History Month

Relevant and engaging activities to cultivate curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking as we honor the incredible contributions that women have made to history!

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Getting Started

The contributions that women have made to history have often been overlooked. Help right this wrong with five lessons that will teach your students about some of the fantastic females who have shaped our world.

Each lesson page is linked to a student-facing activity that you can share with your class.

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Lesson 1

Women’s History Month Daily Activities

Recognizing and celebrating the contributions of women all throughout our history is both important and impactful. With this month-long calendar, you’ll find something new to do every day to learn about the incredible contributions of women who have helped shape our world.

Lesson 2

Putting her STAMP on History

Throughout time, women have put their stamp on history. Literally! Help your students learn who they are and what they did, then have them create their own stamp to commemorate an incredible woman!

Lesson 3

Guess Who…Changed the World!

Use the power of PLAY to help students learn about history-making women throughout the ages.

Lesson 4

STEM-tastic Women

Four simple, powerful STEM activities that use hands-on learning to teach students about four female STEM superstars!

lesson 5
Lesson 5

Quoting HERstory

This QR Quest will launch your students on a journey to explore quotes from famous historical women, and to discover who said each one.

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