Share this resource so students in other classrooms can benefit as well!

Make it Real!

Make it Real!

Extend your learning outside the walls of your classroom, then share your awesome work with the world! You can share individual work or whole-class activities, and it’s totally anonymous. Just visit the Make it Real Share-Out Form (teachers only!) to share how YOUR students made a real impact for AAPI Heritage Month, then see what other students and classrooms are doing on the Make it Real Wall!

Need some ideas?

  • Support Asian-owned small businesses. Yelp can help your class find places near you!
  • Do a coin drive for a charity like the Asian Giving Circle or Stop AAPI Hate.
  • Learn about another culture by creating a connection using ePals .
  • Create posters or works of art to hang around the school to teach about AAPI Heritage Month.
  • Share your learning with others by challenging another class to try AAPI Heritage Month.
Teacher TipSee what other classrooms around the world are doing to help you get more ideas by visiting the Make it Real Wall before deciding on what to do!

Awesome…it’s what you do!!!

Please let us know how this lesson went and how we can improve it for the next teacher. Thank you for being a Blue Apple teacher – a teacher who stands out!

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Share this resource so students in other classrooms can benefit as well!

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