Can students improve water quality for our planet?

Water is essential for life. All living things depend upon it. Yet every day, our actions contribute to pollution that is detrimental to our waterways—and ultimately our watersheds. In this project, students will take action to protect our watersheds. They will investigate water samples to determine what’s in their water, and investigate ways to improve water quality. Then, they’ll share what they’ve learned by creating a fundraiser to raise money for a charity that focuses on improving water quality and water pollution issues.

Imagine if the actions we take now to protect our watersheds resulted in cleaner and more sustainable waterways. What a difference this would make for all of Earth’s living creatures!

Collaboration Options

Here are somes ideas on how your students can collaborate with another class doing What’s in Your Water?

  • Basin Buddies
    Lesson 2: Use web searches in conjunction with the Hydrologic Unit Code tool to find schools who share your same basin, but who have different watersheds. Write them a letter to inform them about how you share your water. As the project goes on, write them again to keep them informed about what you are doing and why it is important. 

  • Pooling Together
    Lesson 4: Pool your data with students around the country when you fill out the Water Quality Survey.

  • Fundraising Magnifier
    Lesson 8: Share what you did with another class, and encourage them to do the project and pass it on! Collaborate with other teachers to create your fundraiser. Or, swap tips and tricks with another teacher doing this project.

Need help to find a partner school?

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