Will our state survive the next 100 years?

Every state is uniquely great. From coastlines to mountains to rolling prairies, our landscape is diverse. In this project, students will become aware of the need for a sustainable world by focusing directly on their own state’s sustainability. They will use their creativity to design a book about their state that informs readers how small changes can develop a more sustainable world. Finally, they’ll publish their book and sell it for a charitable cause.

Imagine if thousands of kids just like yours were able to promote sustainable practices and become agents of change. What an incredible force for good!

Collaboration Options

Here are somes ideas on how your students can collaborate with another class doing State of Sustainability.

  • Divide and Conquer
    Lesson 3: Complete the project with another class, each taking on three of the six goals.

  • Infographic Interactions
    Lesson 5: Work with another class to create infographics.

  • Revision Swap
    Lesson 7: Share your state books with another class for feedback to assist in the revision process. Or, simply swap tips and tricks with another teacher doing this project.

  • Pen Pals Across the States
    Lesson 8: Swap your book with another class in a different state who is also doing the project. Have students share similarities and differences about sustainability within each state; consider connecting classrooms virtually for rich discourse.

Need help to find a partner school?

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