How can we stop germs in their tracks?

GERMS. They lurk in every classroom. Each year, students miss an estimated 164 MILLION school days due to illness. In this project, students will fight back against these microscopic monsters with this public-service project designed to make your school—and the world—a safer and healthier place. They will collect germs from common surfaces such as desks, laptops, and more. Then they’ll test the effectiveness of disinfectants in fighting germs. Finally, they’ll create a public service announcement for their school!

Imagine if kids could keep themselves and their families healthier by developing smart habits to protect against germs. What a great way to build healthy routines to last a lifetime!

Real-World Connections

Blue Apple Projects provides opportunities for you to “bring the world to your students” by connecting you with industry experts as well as ways to “bring your students to the world” by giving them access to an authentic audience.

Bring the World to Your Students

  • Skype a Scientist
    Lesson 2: Scientists are willing to Skype into your classroom to discuss with your students the best ways to prevent germs. 

  • Learn from Health Professionals
    Lesson 3: Have students watch the videos provided from health professionals on the importance of preventing the spread of germs.

  • Connect with a Writing Professional
    Lesson 6: Students have the opportunity to connect with a professional involved in the writing process — a great real-world connection as students dive into crafting their PSAs!

  • Camera Ready
    Lesson 6: If students are creating a commercial, share some expert advice from a film professional who created a video specifically for Blue Apple projects.

Bring Your Students to the World

  • Spread the News
    Lesson 8: Have students hold a public PSA event to share their work with an authentic audience to increase their engagement and make their effort relevant and meaningful. Share findings with parents, friends, and community leaders. Expand your reach by sharing student PSAs through television, radio, social media, or the internet.

  • Be Talk Show Worthy!
    Lesson 8: Help your students spread their enthusiasm by pitching a segment to a popular talk show using the submission links for multiple shows we provide.

  • Meet the Press
    Lesson 8: Send a press release to your local media outlets to share with your community how your class is making the world a better place. (New to press releases? Don’t worry-we also provide you with a template and tips on how to submit a press release!)

Each Blue Apple Project Includes: