How can we make a memory live on forever?

Older generations have so much to teach us—if we take the time to listen. Every community has people who have lived long, full lives with valuable stories, knowledge, and skills to share. In this project, students will make friends with a resident of a retirement home. They will listen to the story of their new friend’s life, and craft a biography capturing the moments that made their life meaningful!

Imagine if teachers across the nation helped students connect with and learn from previous generations. What a powerful new perspective they would gain on life!

Real-World Connections

Blue Apple Projects provides opportunities for you to “bring the world to your students” by connecting you with industry experts as well as ways to “bring your students to the world” by giving them access to an authentic audience.

Bring the World to Your Students

  • Discuss Aging with an Expert
    Lesson 2: Aging and age-related decline are important issues in our society. Have your students watch a video from an expert exploring those sensitive, age-related topics. Then, connect with one of these experts who is happy to answer questions and share their experience with you.

  • Meet a Historian
    Lesson 2: As your students prepare to meet their senior friends, it’s important for them to understand the historical context in which their senior friends have lived. Ask a local professor of U.S. history to come share what life was like for your senior friends when they were in school.

Bring Your Students to the World

  • Present Your Published Heirloom
    Lesson 9: Offer to turn the homemade book into a professionally bound book by using a self-publishing service like Kindle Direct, CreateSpace, or Book Baby. Family members may treasure this book as a way to reflect on the life of a loved one. Print additional copies to share with families.

  • Be Talk Show Worthy!
    Lesson 9: Help your students spread their enthusiasm by pitching a segment to a popular talk show using the submission links for multiple shows we provide.

  • Meet the Press
    Lesson 9: Send a press release to your local media outlets to share with your community how your class is making the world a better place. (New to press releases? Don’t worry-we also provide you with a template and tips on how to submit a press release!)

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Each Blue Apple Project Includes: