How can we make a memory live on forever?

Older generations have so much to teach us—if we take the time to listen. Every community has people who have lived long, full lives with valuable stories, knowledge, and skills to share. In this project, students will make friends with a resident of a retirement home. They will listen to the story of their new friend’s life, and craft a biography capturing the moments that made their life meaningful!

Imagine if teachers across the nation helped students connect with and learn from previous generations. What a powerful new perspective they would gain on life!

Collaboration Options

Here are somes ideas on how your students can collaborate with another class doing Moments to Remember.

  • Book Club
    Lesson 9: Conduct a book club with another class doing this project where students get together and discuss one or more of the biographies.

  • Pen Pal
    Lesson 4: Practice letter writing by having students write letters to members of another class.

  • Time Line-Up
    Lesson 6: Work with other students doing this project and create a visual timeline of the seniors’ birthdays.

  • Partner Up!
    Lesson 9: Have students work with other students doing the project to find similarities and differences in their seniors’ life experiences, or swap tips and tricks with another teacher doing this project.

Need help to find a partner school?

We can do that for you! Blue Apple teachers are all over the country!

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