Lend a hand 200

Can a few cents revitalize a community?

Around the world, millions of talents go to waste because people lack the resources to get started. In 2006, Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize for his innovative idea of microlending to help impoverished communities. In this project, students will learn how microlending can be an incredibly powerful force for good. Your class will raise and lend money to entrepreneurs in developing nations who are trying to make a positive impact on the world!

Imagine if thousands of kids just like yours, all around the country, made small investments today that would have an immense impact on communities around the world. What an incredible way to make the world a better place!

Collaboration Options

Here are somes ideas on how your students can collaborate with another class doing Lend a Hand!

  • The Puppet Prophecy
    Lesson 3: Share your fundraiser by using your puppets to explain it to another class. Have the puppets make a prediction about how much your fundraiser will raise; then, see if they can come up with ways to make their prophecy come true!

  • Partner Pitch
    Lesson 5: Through video conferencing, partner with another class to pitch your ideas. 

  • Networks of FUN
    Lesson 8: Collaborate with other teachers to create your FUNdraiser. Involving more people can help draw more attention and raise more funds! 

  • Swap Tips and Tricks
    All Lessons: Need help coming up with creative ideas for a FUNdraisier? Have great ideas to share? Swap tips and tricks with another teacher doing this project.

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