Food for thought-200

Can a cookbook save your life?

We need food to live, but are we making the best choices when it comes to nutrition? A healthy, well-balanced diet can help people achieve optimal health and reduce the risk of illness. In this project, students will learn to make healthier choices by diving deep into the world of nutrition. Students will use their creativity to design and test healthy recipes. They will think like dieticians, using data to improve on their delicious designs. Finally, they’ll present their nutritious dishes to a live audience and create a cookbook to sell for a charitable cause.

Imagine if thousands of students just like yours, all around the country, made small changes to improve their lifestyles. It could add up to an incredible force for good!

Real-World Connections

Blue Apple Projects provides opportunities for you to “bring the world to your students”  by connecting you with industry experts as well as ways to “bring your students to the world” by giving them access to an authentic audience.

Bring the World to Your Students

  • Advice from
    Lesson 2: Students watch a video of a nutritionist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture who explains how healthy eating and exercise helps kids grow up and be strong.
  • Learn from a Toxicologist
    Lesson 3: After reading Is it Time to Label GMO Foods? article, students watch a video of a toxicologist analyzing the same article and explore how the expert’s analysis compares to the class discussion.
  • Meet a Nutritionist
    Lesson 7: Connect your students with local nutritionists to provide feedback on the recipes they have created. If you cannot find a local nutritionist, contact one the nutritionists we have provided who are willing to video conference into your classroom.

Bring Your Students to the World

  • Connect with Community
    Lesson 6: Encourage leaders in the community, especially those in the food and nutrition industries, to join the feast alongside parents and peers.
  • Publish and Sell
    Lesson 8:Use online websites provided to publish your recipes into a cookbook. Sell your cookbooks online and donate proceeds to Action for Healthy Kids, a four-star rated charity which works to improve health and nutrition!
  • Meet the Press
    Lesson 8:Send a press release to your local media outlets to share with your community how your class is making the world a better place. (New to press releases? Don’t worry-we also provide you with a template and tips on how to submit a press release!)
  • Be Talk Show Worthy!
    Lesson 8:Help your students spread their enthusiasm by pitching a segment to a popular talk show using the submission links for multiple shows we provide.

Each Blue Apple Project Includes: