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Education Spotlights are in-depth guides with practical tips that teachers can use in their classrooms immediately.

Building Relationships

What Do You Say? Tackling Tough Conversations

Difficult conversations are a part of life. Unfortunately, they can pop up at any time and knock us (and our lesson plans) off course. Maybe it’s a parent who doesn’t share your perspective about their child who is struggling with their behavior in class. Or a charged current event has shaken up your classroom and you’re left wondering: What do I say? What do I do? In this guide, you’ll find tips, ideas, and resources to consider when confronted with tough conversations. Download Spotlight

The Science (and Art) of Equity

Equity is at the heart of education; great educators make sure that every student has what they need to thrive. To champion equity for our students, we need to understand them deeply: how they see themselves, how they see the world, and how the world sees them. Then, we need to structure our classrooms so that every learner has the support they need to succeed. Download Spotlight

Creative and Critical Thinking

Informational Literacy: Equip Your Students to Evaluate Informational Sources

Identifying high-quality, credible information amidst the inaccurate or misleading information, is more difficult than ever. Download this Education Spotlight for Teachers to equip your students to evaluate informational sources. Download Spotlight

Behind the Words: Infusing Critical Thinking into ELA and Social Studies

Teaching our students to be critical thinkers is about the best thing we can offer them to send them off successfully into an unknown future to solve unforeseen problems with unknown technology in yet-to-be-created careers. Download this Education Spotlight to help your students infuse critical thinking into their learning. Download Spotlight

Beyond the Numbers: Infusing Creativity into Math and Science

It is rare for us to associate math and science with creativity. But, why not? Both math and science hold great potential for creative work, and there are simple, practical ways to make this happen in your classroom. Download this Education Spotlight for strategies, tips, and takeaways that can help you and your students. Download Spotlight

Differentiated Learning

Deeper, Simpler Differentiation in the Classroom

The pandemic affected every student differently. Some thrived; many fell far behind. That makes differentiation a topic that’s more relevant today than ever. Download this guide to learn how can you meet the needs of all your students in a way that works for you! Download Spotlight.

Feedback and Assessment

What Do They Know? Using Alternative Assessments in the Classroom

We know assessments — both formative and summative — are critical components of teaching and learning, but so often they become straight-up burdens. At best, they can be boring and uninformative. At worst, they can take on a life of their own, and overtake what we know is most important in the learning process. In an attempt to mend our slightly bent-out-of-shape relationship with assessment, here are some tools, tips, and take-aways that will help you and your students. Download Spotlight

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