Can students help create a class full of millionaires?

Each year, millions of people are crushed by the burden of debt. Millions more are empowered by the miracle of savings and investment. In this project, students will learn the essentials of financial literacy—and use those skills for good by getting high school students “interested” in making smart financial decisions. Watch as your students form meaningful relationships while coaching teens on important money management skills. 

Imagine if kids could help themselves and others make smart financial decisions. The skills they learn today could build solid habits to last a lifetime!

Real-World Connections

Blue Apple Projects provides opportunities for you to “bring the world to your students” by connecting you with industry experts as well as ways to “bring your students to the world” by giving them access to an authentic audience.

Bring the World to Your Students

  • Investing Advice from a Finance Expert
    Lesson 3: Finance industry expert Dennis Moseley-Williams teaches your students all about investing. Get the answers to the top questions real students ask about how to make good decisions and build financial security!

  • Ask the Banker
    Lesson 4: Learn about debt and investing from a real-life banker!

  • Consult with an Investment Professional
    Lesson 4: Financial advisor Jordan Cook would love to help your students answer their questions about investing. Blue Apple can help you schedule a time to chat.

Bring Your Students to the World

  • Save the Grown-Ups!
    Lesson 8: Share your work with leaders in your community and help them develop initiatives for their employees to encourage savings and investment. If companies don’t have a Save More Tomorrow program, encourage them to set one up!

  • Save the World!
    Lesson 9: After your class teaches older students, have them work together to teach the world! After the lesson, have them collaborate to create a short video teaching the world what they’ve learned. Challenge them to make it as viral as they can, and share it using social media!

  • Be Talk Show Worthy!
    Lesson 8: Help your students spread their enthusiasm by pitching a segment to a popular talk show using the submission links for multiple shows we provide.

  • Meet the Press
    Lesson 8: Send a press release to your local media outlets to share with your community how your class is making the world a better place. (New to press releases? Don’t worry-we also provide you with a template and tips on how to submit a press release!)

Each Blue Apple Project Includes: