Can students help create a class full of millionaires?

Each year, millions of people are crushed by the burden of debt. Millions more are empowered by the miracle of savings and investment. In this project, students will learn the essentials of financial literacy—and use those skills for good by getting high school students “interested” in making smart financial decisions. Watch as your students form meaningful relationships while coaching teens on important money management skills. 

Imagine if kids could help themselves and others make smart financial decisions. The skills they learn today could build solid habits to last a lifetime!

Collaboration Options

Here are somes ideas on how your students can collaborate with another class doing 50 Years of Interest!

  • The Donut Challenge
    Lesson 2: Challenge another class to the Donut Challenge. See which class has the greater delayed gratification skills.

  • Commit Together
    Lesson 4: Ask another class to make a commitment to start saving NOW! Consider forming “accountability partners” to encourage responsible saving and decision-making among students. Or, swap tips and tricks with another teacher doing this project.

  • Peer Review
    Lesson 6: As students work to refine their lessons, have them share their work with students from another class in your school, the state, or the world. Ask them what they loved and what could be improved—and sneak in a little education as the reviewers learn about financial literacy, too!

Need help to find a partner school?

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