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Share the Love

Brilliant activities to cultivate curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking!!

Getting Started

February is all about the heart, so share the love with these free, fun, fifteen-minute activities your kids will love… and learn from!

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Lesson 1

Animal Hearts Can't be Beat

Discover the weird, wacky, wonderful world of animal hearts with a fun and interactive adventure!

Lesson 2

Poem Power!

Poems are a wonderful way to share the love! In this activity, your students will choose an audience and a message. Then, they’ll choose from six different types of poems before they craft some linguistically lovely letters to share!

Lesson 3

Hearts and Crafts

There are many types of love: love for family, friends, your community…. Help your students learn about four flavors of love, then create conversation hearts and share what you’ve learned!

Lesson 4

Love Around the World

Explore fascinating traditions from across the globe when you discover love and friendship celebrations from all around the world. 

Want More?

Don’t just share the love inside your classroom — share it with the whole world with the Blue Apple project, State of Sustainability, where students work to help your state become a more sustainable place, so we can show our planet some love!

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Share The Love!

Share this resource so students in other classrooms can benefit as well!

Challenge five other classrooms to participate and make the world a little smarter!